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Dinner & Lunch Menu:

Seven Sushi brings Japanese infusion to Austin. With our unique twist on Sushi and Japanese food, you're sure to find a dish that you'll love. We start with only the freshest ingredients to stir fry delicious melodies of tastes and colors that are sure to delight the senses. Our renowned Sushi Chef, Anzo Hitachi, learned the art of sushi in his homeland of Okinawa and brings with him the tradition of his ancestors and combines it with traditional and new techniques to create his own style of sushi and Japanese cuisine. A unique taste that must be experienced, you'll return again and again and find something new with every visit.




The Grill

Our Menu

Edamame                         4.50

~Salted steamed green beans

Veggie Gyoza                    4.95

~Vegetable dumplings

Ebi Gyoza                       6.95

~Shrimp dumpling

Spicy Yakitori                  6.95

~Spicy grilled chicken

Chicken Karage(6pcs)            6.95

~Deep fried wings in peanut sauce

Scallop Motoyake                6.95

~Baked scallops

Salmon Fry(6pcs)                7.95

~Deep fried salmon

Chef's Recommendation           6.95

~Deep fried mushroom smoke salmon,cream cheese & avocado,topped with BBQ sauce

Appy Platter                   39.95

~Pork gyoza,ebi gyoza,edamame,assorted tempura,chicken karage,salmon fry,yakitori



Agadashi Tofu                   4.95

~Deep fried tofu

Pork Gyoza                      4.95

~Pork dumpling

Yakitori                        6.50

~Grilled chicken on a skewer

BBQ.Chicken                     6.95

~Korean style yakitori

Oyster Motoyaki                 6.95

~Baked oyster

Kaki Fry                        6.95

~Deep fried oyster

Soft Shell Crab                 9.95

~Deep fried tofu

Deep Fried Scallop              6.95

~Marinated in a special sauce


Miso Soup                       1.50

~Bean Soup

Ebi Sunomono                    5.95

~Noodle salad in a sweet and vinaigrette sauce topped with shrimp

Kani Sunomono                   4.95

~Noodle salad in a sweet and vinaigrette sauce topped with crab

Gomae                           4.50

~Cooked spinach topped with a sweet sesame sauce

Seven special salad            14.95

~Raw fish with special sauce

Dumpling Soup                   6.95

~Pork Dumplings in soup

Vegetable Sunomono              4.95

~Noodle salad in a sweet and vinaigrette sauce topped with vegetables

Tako Sunomono                   5.95

~Noodle salad in a sweet and vinaigrette sauce topped with octopus

Green Salad                     3.95

~Fresh veggies with special sauce

Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Don    8.95

~Chicken or beef teriyaki on rice

Unagi                          14.95

~Freshwater Eel on rice

Oyako or Gyu Don                9.95

~Chicken or beef on rice

Seafood                        13.95

~Cooked assorted seafood on rice


TEMPURA(Deep Fried)

Appetizer Tempura(5pcs)         5.95

~Prawn and Veggies

Sweet Potato Tempura(5pcs)      5.50

~Sweet Potatoes

Assorted Tempura(8pcs)          8.95

~Prawn and Veggies

Prawn Tempura(8pcs)            10.95


Yam Tempura(5pcs)               4.95


Vegetable Tempura(9pcs)         7.95


Seafood Tempura(5pcs)           8.95

~Assorted Seafood 

Deluxe Tempura(15pcs)          14.95

~Seafood & Veggies

UDON(Noodles in Soup)

Tempura                         8.95

~Mixed veggies and 2pcs prawn

Jjam Bbong                     11.95

~Korean style seafood udon in a spicy

Chicken or Beef                 8.95

~Chicken or beef noodle soup

House                          11.95

~Mixed seafood and veggies

YAKI(Fried Noodles)

Chicken or Beef Yakisoba        9.95

~Chicken or beef on fried noodles

Seafood Yakisoba               14.95

~Seafood on fried noodles

Chicken or Beef Yaki Udon      10.95

~Chicken or beef on fried udon noodles

Jja Jjang Myun                  9.95

~Korean style yakiudon in a black bean sauce with pork and veggies

Veggie Yakisoba​                 8.95

~Fried veggies on frd noodles

Veggie Yaki Udon                9.95

~Freshwater Eel on rice

Seafood Yaki Udon              15.95

~Chicken or beef teriyaki on rice

Veggi                           9.95

~Only veggies

Salmon                         18.95

~BBQ Salmon on veggies

Seafood                        18.95

~Seafood on veggies

Tofu                           12.95

~Tofu on veggies

Chicken                        16.95

~Chicken(breast) on veggies

Beef                           15.95

~Beef on veggies

TERIYAKI(Stir Fried in Sweet Soy Sauce)

Tekka(6pcs)                    12.95

~Tuna sashimi on rice

HwaeDupBab                     16.95

~Korean style chirashi w/spice!

Sake(6pcs)                     12.95

~Salmon sashimi on rice

Chirashi                       18.95

~Sashimi on rice

DON(Rice Bowls)

Teriyaki Box​                    9.95

~Chicken or beef teriyaki,green salad,tempura,daily special and fruit(served with rice)

California Box                  8.95

~California roll,green salad,tempura,daily special and fruit

Sushi Box​                      12.95

~5pcs sushi,green salad,tempura,daily special and fruit

Sushi & Sashimi Box​            16.95

~3pcs sushi,5pcs sashimi, green salad,tempura,daily special and fruit

Special Box                    12.95

~Your choice of chicken,beef or salmon(served with rice)

Vegetarian Box​                  8.95

~Veggie roll,green salad,veggie tempura,daily special and fruit

Dyna Box​                        9.95

~5pcs sushi,green salad,tempura,daily

Sashimi Box​                    14.95

~3pcs tuan sashimi,2 pcs salmon sashimi,green salad,tempura,daily special,fruit

Seven Box                      11.95

~Chicken or beef teriyaki,tempura,California Roll,green salad,daily special,fruit (served with rice)


Served with Miso Soup

Seven Dinner​​                   15.95

~Chicken or beef teriyaki,salmon fry,appy tempura,California Roll & 3pcs gyoza

Seafood Dinner​​                 23.95

~Seafood teriyaki,seafood tempura, 3pcs sushi,2pcs salmon fry and appetizer sashimi

Vegetarian Dinner​              14.95

~Tofu teriyaki,sunomono salad,gomae,veggie roll and veggie tempura

Ladies Dinner​                  17.95

~Chicken teriyaki,3pcs sushi, 3pcs California Roll,agadashi tofu,2 pcs ebi gyoza and sunomono salad


Served with rice and miso soup or green salad

Tekka                           2.95


Oshinko                         2.95

~Pickled Radish

Tamago​                          2.95

~Sweet Egg

Avocado                         3.95


Boston​                          4.95

~Tuna & avocado

Asparagus​                       4.95


Deep Fried California Roll​      5.95

~Fried in canola oil

Beef​                            5.95

~Sliced beef with teriyaki sauce

BC                              5.95

~BBQ Salmon skin

Sweet Potato                    4.50

~Sweet Potato

Chopped Scallop​                 4.95

~Scallops in a mayo sauce

Avocado with Unagi​              5.95

~Avocado with eel Spicy Chopped Scallop

Ebi                             4.95

~Raw prawn

Deep Fried Dynamite Roll        6.95

~Prawn tempura,avocado,cucumbers and crabmeat

Rainbow​                        12.95

~Crabmeat, avocado,salmon,tuna,red snapper and prawn

Sake                            2.95


Deep Fried Tekka                5.95

~Deep fried tuna

Kappa                           2.50


Kampyo​                          2.50

~Pickled Squash

California                      3.95

~Crabmeat and avocado

Vegetable​                       3.95

~Fresh veggies

Negitoro​                        4.95

~Tuna belly & green onions

Spicy Tuna​                      5.95

~Tuna in a spicy sauce

Chicken                         5.95

~Chicken breast with teriyaki sauce

Yam                             5.50

~Deep fried yam

Spicy Salmon​                    5.95

~Salmon in a spicy sauce

Futomaki​                        5.95

~Veggies and egg

Dynamite​                        4.95

~Prawn tempura,avocado,cucumbers and crab

Unagi​                           5.95

~Freshwater eel

Spider​                         10.95

~Soft shell crab

MAKI & TEMAKI(Rolled Sushi/Sushi in a cone)


Sake(7pcs)                     13.95

~Altantic Salmon

Tuna(7pcs)                     13.50


Toro(7pcs)​                     14.95

~Tuna belly

Spicy Tuna(8pcs)​               16.95

~Tuna in a spicy sauce

Assorted(10pcs)                17.95

~Mixed sashimi

Appetizer(5pcs)                 8.95

~2pcs Tuna and 3pcs Salmon

Sake(7pcs)​                     15.95

~Sockeye Salmon

Tuna & Salmon(10pcs)​           17.95

~Tuna/Atlantic Salmon

Spicy Salmon(8pcs)             16.95

~Atlantic salmon,spicy

Tuna Tataki(5pcs)​              10.95

~Grilled tuna on the outside only

Deluxe(19pcs)​                  27.95

~Mixed sashimi

Maguro​                          3.50


Inari​                           3.50

~Bean Curd

Tai                             4.50


Ika                             4.50


Saba                            4.50


Ama Ebi                         6.50

~Sweet Shrimp

Hokigai                         5.00

~Surf Clam

Unagi                           5.25

~BBQ Eel

Tobiko                          5.25

~Flying fish eggs

Ikura                           6.50

~Salmon Eggs

Sake                            3.50

~Atlantic Salmon

Tamago​                          3.50

~Sweet Egg

Kani​                            3.50

~Crab meat

Ebi                             4.50


Masago                          4.50

~Smelt roe

Sake​                            5.00

~Sockeye Salmon

Toro​                            4.50

~Tuna Belly

Tako​                            5.00


Smoked Salmon​                   5.25

~Smoked salmon

Chopped Scallop​                 5.25

~Chopped scallop with mayo

NIGIRI(Fish on Rice)-per 2 pcs

Appetizer Sushi                 7.95

~3pcs tuna & 2pcs salmon

Deluxe Sushi​                   16.95

~9 kinds of sushi with salmon roll

Dyna Combo​                     12.95

~Dyna roll 5 kinds of nigiri sushi

House Combo​                    15.95

~House roll, 5 kinds nigiri sushi

Maki Sushi Combo B​             11.95

~California Roll,dyna roll tekka roll

Deluxe Sushi Combo A​           16.95

~California Roll,dyna roll, 2pcs salmon,2 pcs tuna and 2pcs ebi

Kids Combo(no miso soup)​​        7.95

~California Roll,1/2 kappa roll,1/2 tamago roll & soft drink

COMBOS (Served with Miso Soup)

Assorted Sushi​                 14.95

~7 kinds of sushi with tuna roll

Cali Combo​                     11.95

~Cali Roll & 5 kinds of nigiri sushi

BC Combo​​                       11.95

~BC Roll and 5 kinds of nigiri sushi

Maki Sushi Combo A​              7.95

~California Roll,1/2 kappa roll,1/2 avocado roll

Veggie Combo​                    7.95

~Veggie roll,1/2 kappa roll,1/2 avocado roll

Deluxe Sushi Combo B​​           24.95

~California Roll,dyna roll, yam roll,BC roll,2 pcs salmon,2pcs tuna,ebi,tai

Philadelphia​                    7.95

~Salmon,avocado & cream cheese​

Super                           8.95

~Prawn tempura,salmon,veggies,yam,spicy sauce​

Las Vegas​​                       8.95

~Deep fried dynamite roll with cream​ cheese and unagi sauce​

Tropical​                        9.95

~Masago,cream cheese,avocado,smoked​ salmon,papaya & chef's special sauce

Rock'n'Roll​                    10.95

~California Roll topped w BBQ eel

Explosion                       8.95

~Prawn tempura,yam,spicy tuna,sweet potato,avocado,cucumber,crab,mayo,unagi sauce​

Evolutionary​​                    9.95

~Deep fried tuna, avocado, cucumber, potato, avocado, cucumber, garlic cream sauce, unagi sauce

Moxie​​                          12.95

~2 prawn tempura,yam tempura,avocado,potato,avocado, cucumber,3 pcs unagi,unagi sauce

Volcanic​​                       14.95

~2 prawn tempura,yam tempura,avocado, cucumber,crab.Topped with crab,salmon,snapper, tuna with Volcanic sauce,a traditional blend of Korean hot sauce and special'secret'ingredients

Luckakuck​​                      12.95

~Yam tempura,avocado,cucumber, creamcheese,topped with 2 pcs prawn,kani and special spicy mayo sauce

House                           8.95

~Prawn tempura, spicy tuna,veggies chopped scallops and smoked salmon​

Alaska​                          6.95

~Smelt roe,avocado,salmon,special sauce

Caterpillar                     9.95

~BBQ eel,cucumber and avocado

Paradise​                        8.95

~Calfornia Roll,smoke salmon,mango

Lucky​                           8.95

~Crabmeat,avocado,cucumber,tamago,​cream cheese,mango and salmon​

When Prawn Met Eel​              8.95

~Unagi,2 pcs prawn tempura,​avocado,crabmeat,cucumber,topped with unagi and ​spicy sauces​

Tiger                          10.95

~Crabmeat,avocado,cream cheese,cucumber,mango and ebi​

Chilliwack                     14.95

~Deep fried cali with smoked salmon,chopped salmon topped with spicy BBQ sauce

Ultimate                       14.95

~2 prawn tempura,yam tempura,avocado,cucumber,crabmeat,smoked salmon,mango,cream cheese,tobiko,special sauce

Tamahi(baked)                  14.95

~Your choice of salmon or tuna, creamcheese, yam tempura,avocado,cucumber topped with 2 pcs prawn,mozzarella cheese and special spicy sauce

Cultus(made with rick paper)   14.95

Spring mix,spice tuna,crab,mango,prawn,avocado,cucumber,topped with special spicy sauce


Maki Tray(50pcs)​               29.95

 ~Salmon Roll,tuna roll,kaapa roll, California Roll,dyna roll,chicken roll,spicy tuna roll, veggie roll

Party A(60pcs)​                 39.95

 ~Salmon roll,tuna roll,kappa roll, California Roll,dynamite roll,BC roll,avocado roll,boston roll,2 pcs salmon nigiri,2 pcs tuna nigiri,2pcs ebi nigiri,2 pcs tai nigiri, 1pc tobiko nigiri,1pc ikura nigiri

Party B(34pcs)                 49.95

5pcs salmon sashimi,5pcs tuna sashimi,3pcs sockeye nigiri,3pcs Atlantic nigiri,3pcs tuna nigiri,3pcs tai nigiri,3pcs ebi nigiri, 2pcs amaebi nigiri, 2pcs tako nigiri, 2pcs hokigai nigiri, 1pc unagi nigiri,1pc tobiko nigiri,1pc ikuro nigiri

PARTY TRAYS(for take-out only)